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  • Book Review: The Shallows, by Nicholas Carr

    Admin May 30,2011

    In this well written and deeply thought out book, Nicholas Carr examines what the Internet is doing to the way we think, read and remember....

  • Mac Os X Snow Leopard - The Missing Manual

    Admin Feb 23,2011

    Book Review: Mac OS X Snow Leopard - The Missing Manual by David Pogue. We yearn to know everything there is to know about the...

  • The Facebook Effect by David Kirkpatrick

    Admin Feb 18,2011

    Facebook is now the king of social networking leaving behind it competitors like Myspace, Hi5 and Orkut way behind as the company grows at an...

  • Is It Possible to Download Audio Books Free?

    Admin Jan 13,2011

    Books are considered the best friend of humans. Books can provide you the deep information about anything. Books are playing very vital role in the...

  • Book Review - Google Speaks by Janet Lowe

    Admin Aug 23,2009

    Google Speaks is an informative read for those who want to know more about the creation of Google and those who developed it. The story...

  • JQuery UI 1.6 Book Review

    Admin Jul 01,2009

    I just finished reading and going through some examples in jQuery UI 1.6 by Dan Wellman. This book written by Dan Wellman, is a book...


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